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Funny Frog is a media company based in London, UK. Our creative team produces bespoke animation and music production for clients around the world. We also focus on creating our own children's media through a world of music and fun.

Funny Frog partners with clients by offering tailor-made animation and music products. We specialize in 2D animation and music production. Our highly skilled team brings more than 15 years of experience to the table, helping us meet our client's needs and delivering bespoke media productions through multiple sectors. 


Funny Frog also invests in creating original children's content, entertaining and educating children through media. Our focus is on encouraging children to build important values such as kindness and respect. Our video animations help keep children happy, healthy and safe. Our studio spends time carefully composing songs and creating content that is catchy, informative and fun. 

Garth Lombard is the founder and director of Funny Frog. Garth carries over 15 years of media production experience along with having a significant impact as a children's educator across four continents. He values cultural diversity, creativity, and thinking outside the box. Garth is a keen international traveler and in his free time, he loves to sing and dance with his three children.


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